Dancing bears rescue PART 1 dancing bear видео Dancing Bear Part 1 dancing bear video dancing bears part 1 дансинг биер видео денсинг беар вечеринка

12 февраля 2013 1812 09:58
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trade in dancing bears has been illegal in India since 1972, but bears are still beaten and mutilated to force them to 'dance.' International Animal Rescue works with Indian partners Wildlife SOS to end this barbaric practice and cares for the bears in sanctuaries throughout India. For more information, please visit:
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in my kingdom we make pakys dance?
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in what way did it hurt your feelings??
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I'm now following you on twitter, you're all brilliant as were the guys looking after? them/playing with them back in India! Super WELL DONE!
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this kind? of animal abuse is history asap.....
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Thanks! There would have been no long term change if we hadn't helped the Kalendar people find a new source of income - they would have returned to the? dancing bear industry before long.
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Hi Skylar Prince, there is an age restriction on this video because there is some really upsetting footage on it of the dancing? bears prior to rescue.
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I live in India i have never heard of it or never seen it . Abusing? any animal is a crime in india
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poor bear they're so cute education to bears!?
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this goes back to the Indus Valley Civilization, which I'm sure were much more humane and in touch with the animals when this practice originally took place... of course, over time, humans are barbaric and fail to understand their own history and apparently find it an excuse to abuse the animals. i feel as though this originally had a purpose, but clearly does not any more? in this world. unfortunately people are disrespectful to all forms of life, not just animals.
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Not only helping the bears,? but helping the people too! I don't think it is ALL the fault of the people who are doing this, think it is a problem rooted deep in the Indian economy. India is such a beautiful, diverse country, I am sure with plenty of re education from groups like this, this problem will be stamped out with this generation and not passed on to their children. It's a tough balence between keepin the bears off the streets and the people out of poverty, but we can do it :)
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What education do you mean? I think every human being can see that animals have feelings too. Stop hurting? animals, that is ALL!
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Kill the people who made the bear dance kill them kill them ? and hug the bear
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stupid? bears
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@yourma40 I agree I know some Pita people and it's stupid, we have our own problems in western countries these idiots that want to go to Pakistan to stop bear dancing is just? stupid
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What? would your mother say?
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Very heartbreaking. I remember watching a segment on "dancing bears" and how they put the rope through the nose years ago. I cannot ever forget both the cruelty done as well as the caring people who try? to help these bears and stop this illegal practice. Thank you for posting this video.
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Fuck dirty Indians... They wonder why they get stabbed here? THIS SHIT IS WHY YOU LAZY? HOPELESS CUNTS.
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I don't understand why this video starts with the recitation for prayer?? Irrelevant
moynul32 # 17 мая 2013 в 15:02 0
lol i'm all for freeing the bears and all that hippie shit, but remember these fuckers will? kill you when they get hungry
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i? have a dancing bear
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Lol that sounds like a plan to me. But i have? to warn you, i'm smarter than your average bear.Man: The Most Dangerous Game
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It is pretty reasonable to know man is descecrating this earth as we populate out of control while world wide and species are going? extinct or can't survive any longer, hunted, no more environment therefore we are on wayof extincting ourselves in the long run. There is a world wide problem with food and disease that looms that has not even been seen yet, even in countries where people r considered well off there is a major problem coming due to sludge farming, GMOs and food prod. problems.
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These people are amazing. Their hard work each day, day in and day out and never quitting is what makes our race shining stars above the people that make poor, uneducated, inhumane and down right rotten humans. Thank goodness for people like this who have a divine purpose other than money living a life worthy doing the right? thing driven from heart and integrity.
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:( terrible?
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cont.its true. Before you go saying "put yourself in the bear's place," put yourself in the shoes of someone who? has to do this to live. It isn't a glamourous life, they just have to make sure their children don't starve to death. These people live in appalling conditions. Their not trying to get rich and famous, just trying not to die. But, you say, "They should get a real job like everyone else." In a country like india, where only 20%of the population has indoor plumbing, what job can
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poach the poachers? I f'ing like it, when do we? start?
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This bloody cruelty has got to stop dese retarded mofos? really piss me off, da poor bloody bears, too mean
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@suziiwong1 How can they pirces a rope though it nose because what do they do it? with
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Fuking? indian peopel!bears do have feelings ,yes! u fuking ugly pieces of shit!!bears are just like people ,how wud u like it!? DICKS! if i was there i wud knock the shit out of them,(people)! INDIANS ARE DICKS!
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Everyone avoids mentioning that these disgusting "bear dancers" are almost universally Muslim. Only the patron, Mrs. Gandhi, mentions it? in The Final Cut video. She explains that even though poaching, mutilating & cruelly enslaving the bears are all illegal activities, the Muslims claimed any attempt to stop it was ethnic persecution by Hindus against Muslims. The issue to them wasn't THEIR vicious and cruel persecution of the bears, but so-called persecution against Muslims!
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When I saw this, I thought about taking one of those men, pokind a hot rod up their? nose and yanking out their teeth. This isn't the only way these people can get money and it IS illigal in India. I read about this. These animals, even rescued, can't eat their natural diet anymore because they grey up on lentiles and their digestive systems are messed up. There's a petition online to completely outlaw this. I've signed it.
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I think I would be sick if I ever see? it. Not only is it inhumane, but fucking disgusting!
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i have seen this happen and my dad got out the car and held the guy up by his kneck.We found out later that the bear in this case had been recused and now lives in an india reserve?
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Fucking bastards! Is there a way we can help to impede? this?
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They? should grow opium for a liveing instead..
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that? people have no feeling.....i want to see a "trainer" with a rope trough his nose
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eeh. we do worst in american farms?
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@freeSOULalways. nope you don't make much sense. and how did you mess up so much in spelling when there is auto correct? and I'm saying that we do worst to show that we are not morally higher than the people that imprison bears. and if someone pulled a gun across the world to shoot someone else, how would that effect you? sure you can whine and say "stop it," but? what are you doing yourself? Too inconvenient, with no profit and highly improbable results even if you try to stop this.
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The 2 people who disliked this video are going have their? nose pierced in the future.
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thoose bears are so cool...Wish? we had some in Norway :D
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@sebnho.? well im with u on that one ;)
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Well Mr S, I also live in what they call an "emerging country", with huge challenges in terms of human development. As a result, environmental protection is always on the bottom line of priorities. I live on a small island where the rich can always buy imported food, only the poor suffer from bad crops - wake up brother, environmental agencies are not just saving bears, they are a much needed wake up call for us all, advocating a sustainable and? equitable way of life for all beings
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i think if i ever went to india or anywhere else. i'd have to beat the shit out of the person responsible. regardless of what they have to do for money. they? can find another way. and emotionalfriend... im not a vegan. i choose to eat meat that has been killed humanly.
amywilli # 3 сентября 2013 в 23:29 0
And these? are some of the many reasons i wouldn't go to India. If i ever actually seen this happen i think I would go over and hurt them twats,
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damn curry eating? bastards go pick shit out of each others asses
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Would you like a rope pulled your nose??
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How? sad